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Skill Mill, an educational platform founded by Kanav Mehta and affiliated to Gems Wellington International School-part of the Gems Wellington Cluster-, allows students to engage in various insightful courses and expand their expertise on numerous topics. Our organization has employed several expert mentors who have volunteered to decode complex concepts and translate them into an understandable manner in the form of enriching videos, each equipped with summary questions to reinforce your apprehension.

Target Audience

Skill Mill’s target audience is anyone of any age group with a zeal to learn beyond the textbooks and lectures. The teaching and learning model extends to any study environment with just the need of a device and internet connection. Technology enabled learning is on the go and even more on the rise ever since remote working came into force and Skill Mill aims to enhance the quality of such learning for all the driven enthusiasts.

Kanav Mehta

Founder of Skill Mill & BlockTech

Skill Mill Mentors

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